Katie Bethune-Leamen

Double Dutch 2Pac with Mycorrhiza', 2009
Colour digital print
polychromed polymer clay, with sculptural elements, 16" x 27" x 2"d
value: $900 framed

Katie Bathune-Leamen is a visual artist, writer and sometimes curator based in Toronto. Her recent projects include "Mushroom Studio," a 20' tall Amanita pantherina mushroom sculpture, commissioned by the Toronto Sculpture Garden. She recently curated The Way I are, a group exhibition at the University of Toronto's Blackwood Gallery and her writing has appeared in Border Crossings, Canadian Art, and publications by Mercer Union, and YYZ. Her upcoming projects include a commissioned work for Toronto's 2009 Nuit Blanche, and participation in a group show at Mercer Union. Currently she is interested in artist's responses to the recent fire at the Parisian taxidermy house, Deyrolle