Laurel Woodcock

done, 2008
plexiglass, vinyl, 10" x 1" x 10"
courtesy the artist
value: $600

Underlying Laurel Woodcock's art is an interest in language as a form of communication and speech as a purely visual form or register. Culling from the colloquial, a turn of phrase, song lyric, punctuation mark, or element of cinematic syntax all become fodder from which she explores the problems and possibilities of language. Her work has been exhibited nationally at The Power Plant, Toronto; The Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver; The Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa; the Biennale Le Mois de la Photo, Montreal; Agnes Etherington Arts Centre, Kingston; and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, as well internationally at galleries and festivals including Artists Space, NYC; Musée de Louviers, Paris; Humberside University Gallery, London; ISEA 97, Chicago; Galapagos Art Centre, Brooklyn, NY; Recent Canadian Video, Cairo; and Canadian Fall, Glasgow. Her work is in many public and private collections.