Lois Andison & Orest Tataryn

ar_tst_ar, 2009
neon, acrylic, electronics
32" x 12" x 4.5" d
value: $1200

Lois Andison primarily works in the field of kinetic sculpture and installation where she uses movement to initiate an exchange between the artist and the viewer. In the past four years she has also investigated mechanical time using timelapse photography. Lois received her BFA (Honours) from York University in 1990 graduating First Class with Distinction. Exhibiting nationally and internationally, her sculptural installations have been shown in Toronto, Montreal, Lethbridge, New York, and Mexico City. She has received numerous grants and awards and her work is held in various private and corporate collections. Lois is represented by the Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, and by Galerie Art Mûr, Montreal.

Orest Tataryn's interests can be seen in his investigations of light and shadow through the medium of neon. He uses neon as a sculptural medium and is concerned with reducing material environments to their simplest form. He recently installed window exhibitions at Stantec gallery, Toronto, Convenience Gallery, Toronto, and Galerie Art Mûr, Montreal. Tatayrn has two permanent installations at the Gladstone Hotel. He also works with artists, designers and architects to execute their ideas that need to be expressed using technologies of lighting; in particular, neon tube type illumination, fiber optics and LED. Orest made his entry into the art scene in 1989 via the guerrilla art group Skunkworks/Outlaw Neon. He is currently represented by Made, Toronto.